Essai de mécanique chimique fondée sur la thermochimie. Marcellin BERTHELOT.

Essai de mécanique chimique fondée sur la thermochimie.

Paris, Dunod, 1879. ____ Première édition. "After more than ten years'research on thermochemistry, Berthelot published a major two-volumes work for which he significantly chose the title "Essai de mécanique chimique fondée sur la thermochimie". In the first volume, entitled "Calorimétrie", Berthelot gave a general survey of thermochemistry, with particular reference to his own apparatus and results. The second volume entitled "Mécanique", was a general account of chemical reactions and decompositions. Berthelot continued his thermochemical research by determining the heats of combustion of gases. He introduced the use of the bomb calorimeter, in which the gas under test was mixed with excess oxygen compressed to 20-25 atmospheres and then sparked. This method enabled him to determine heats of combustion with an accuracy hitherto unattainable. With this bomb calorimeter, Berthelot made a fundamental contribution to both pure and and applied chemistry." DSB II, 69. Petite fente à une charnière sur quelques cm; bon exemplaire. *********. ______ Format : 2 volumes grand in-8. [243 x 151 mm] Collation : Portrait, XXXI, 566 / XI, 774 pp. Reliure : Demi-chagrin noir, dos à nerfs orné. (Reliure de l'époque.). Item #7733

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